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Use freely: right click on a card then click on save as, save to your desktop as an example.
Then use "Paint" to paste onto your cover. See flags link for all the World's national flags.

Flags Of The World    

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Ace Of Spades     Two Of Spades     Three Of Spades     Four Of Spades     Five Of Spades     Six Of Spades     Seven Of Spades     Eight Of Spades     Nine Of Spades     Ten Of Spades     Jack Of Spades     Queen Of Spades     King Of Spades    


Ace Of Clubs     Two Of Clubs     Three Of Clubs     Four Of Clubs     Five Of Clubs     Six Of Clubs     Seven Of Clubs     Eight Of Clubs     Nine Of Clubs     Ten Of Clubs     Jack Of Clubs     Queen Of Clubs     King Of Clubs    


Ace Of Diamonds     Two Of Diamonds     Three Of Diamonds     Four Of Diamonds     Five Of Diamonds     Six Of Diamonds     Seven Of Diamonds     Eight Of Diamonds     Nine Of Diamonds     Ten Of Diamonds     Jack Of Diamondss     Queen Of Diamonds     King Of Diamonds    


Ace Of Hearts     Two Of Hearts     Three Of Hearts     Four Of Hearts     Five Of Hearts     Six Of Hearts     Seven Of Hearts     Eight Of Hearts     Nine Of Hearts     Ten Of Heartss     Jack Of Hearts     Queen Of Hearts     King Of Hearts    

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